IDAKS meeting 2018

Basic information

Date: October 25-27, 2018

Place: La Certosa di Pontignano (


Organizer: Simone Marinai (



October 25:
9:00 Session 1 (Veranda room)
11:00 Coffee-break (terrace bar)
11:30 Session2 (Veranda room)
13:00 Lunch (cloister if weather permits)
15:00 Walk&Talk : if weather is fine we will do one 7Km hike around the Certosa (very nice, not very difficult)
17:00 Relax: wine tasting and visit of one cellar in a nearby farm
18:30 Wrap-up of the day (Veranda room)
19:30 Dinner in the Certosa dining room
20:30 Get together in the cloister or bar


October 26:
9:00 Session 3 (Veranda Room)
11:00 Coffee-break (terrace bar)
11:30 Session4 (Veranda room)
13:00 Lunch (cloister in weather permits)
15:00 Session 5 (Veranda room)
17:00 Coffee-break (terrace bar)
17:30 Closing session (Veranda room)
19:00 Transfer to Siena by bus.
20:00 “Banquet” in Siena (place to be disclosed later) and walk in the city center
22:00 Transfer back to Pontignano


October 27:
(optional) for those still in Siena we can visit the city together



IDAKS members can download the slides from here (password is required).